Minimal Install Instructions for TechIDManager

The installation process takes about 30 minutes to go from nothing installed to a working TechIDManager deployment with 1 domain setup and 1 technician setup.

Additional domains should be added by repeating steps 19-25 and can be scripted by any RMM. Additional technicians should be added by repeating steps 7-15 by the manager and technician. These are the minimal installation steps to get TechIDManager working. There are additional options and details available on some steps to further customize TechIDManager. We, at Ruffian Software, Inc., attempt to provide a white glove installation service and process. We are happy to setup a meeting to do all these steps with you and anyone in your company. If you need assistance, book installation assistance.

Technician only version of install instructions:

Steps 1 – 10 are only done by one person, the manager of the MSP.
Steps 11 – 15 are done by each technician on each technician’s computer.
Steps 16 – 18 are only done by the manager who did step 1 and done once for each technician.
Steps 19 – 21 are how to install agents on domain controllers, Azure, and LAPS.
Steps 22 – 24 are the rinse and repeat to finish steps.
Step # What to do Expected Result
1 ONLY ONE PERSON DOES THIS STEPEveryone at a company uses the same ClientID.Request a ClientID from: Email with your ClientID. Anywhere else in this document you see {Client ID} replace it with the GUID from the email.
2 Open RuffianSoftware opens in web browser
3 Click on the top menu Resources -> Management Console Logon page for the management console open in web browser
4 Click “Register as a new user” and follow the instructions with the email used in step 1. Email to confirm registration.
5 Log in with the email and just created password You should see your ClientID and email on the main page.
6 Click “Client Options” and in the “Client name options?” section set the “Company Name” to what you want included with each tech’s username on client sites. For example “MyMSPCompany”, and make sure to “Save”.In the “TechClient options?” section set the “Tech signup style” to “ManagementFirst” and make sure to “Save”. Company name updated and TechClient options set appropriately.
7 Click “Techs” and then click “Create New Tech You should see screen to enter a new user name for a tech.
8 Enter the username for a new tech.

  1. Username must be unique across your company.
  2. This name is combined with the “Company Name” just set above to make techs’ usernames at client sites.
You should see screen to enter a new user name for a tech. The tech will fill out all the other information when they go through the setup wizard for the TechClient.
9 Repeat for all the techs you want to create.
10 Click “Techs” You should see a list of techs in the management console with a status of “keychange”.
11 Download the latest TechClient from TechClient_version_X.Y.msi downloaded to your computer
12 Run the TechClient_version_X.Y.msi file to install it TechClient installed on your computer
13 Run “TechIDManager” -> “TechClient” from the start menu TechClient starts and shows a startup wizard.
14 Follow the setup wizard when TechClient starts for the first time. Passphrase is important, don’t forget it.The TechClient Setup Wizard will ask for:

  • ClientID from above.
  • Username created by a manager above.
  • Your first and last name, which can used used in customized usernames at client sites.
All the information is filled out
15 Go the settings screen. “Hamburger” icon in top right corner, and “Export Keys” to a safe place. Private Key backed up somewhere safe.
16 Log in to the Management Console You should see your ClientID and email on the main page
17 Click “Techs” You should see a list of techs in the management console with a stauts of “pending” once they complete the TechClient setup wizard.
18 Click “Change to “active”” beside a tech’s name who is “pending” Once confirmed, their status should be “active”
19 TechIDManager DomainService Install Instructions TechIDManager AD agent installed
20 TechIDManager AzureAD Install Instructions TechIDManager AzureAD agent installed
21 TechIDManager LAPS Install Instructions TechIDManager LAPS agent installed
22 Click Refresh in the TechClient New credentials for the just installed Domain, show up in TechClient
23 Repeat steps with DomainService and TechClient as needed.Tech Install Instructions: All techs are using TechIDManager to get their unique credentials to access clients domains, machines, and networks.
24 Once TechIdManager is working, other accounts that techs use to login to networks (shared admin account) need to be disabled, or password changed so only one person knows it. All techs only use TechIdManager to get credentials

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