TechClient Version 5.111

This release addresses only a few specific customer facing issues.

Changes for this release are:

  1. Only show one password when selecting “Show Details”
  2. Copy TOTP added to change password dialogs
  3. “Change PassPhrase” dialog fixed
  4. OTP changes to support more types of OTP
  5. Changed to .net version 4.8
  6. Internal changes for future features

Download >>> TechClient_version_5.111x64windows.msi <<<

Name: TechClient_version_5.111x64windows.msi
Size: 1720320 bytes (1680 KiB)
SHA256: d4dfa3646379769557dca92d665a2fe571760262977388a9c7b7c73a1a876ad9

As always, user feedback is welcome. If there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP. 

TechClient requires .net version 4.8