A new paradigm in Privileged Account Management

The majority of IT companies, and MSP companies are vulnerable to fines and data breeches because of password sharing by their technicians.

TechIdentityManager tools for IT companies allows them to be:

  • HIPAA compliant and Credit Card Processing compliant
  • Secure against a large range of attacks
  • More Profitable

As a new paradigm in Privileged Account Management (PAM), TechIdentityManager does automatic user/password management per tech per client per day, by automatically creating and managing unique accounts for every tech on every domain every day.

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What is password sharing costing you?

  • HIPAA fines of $50,000 per incident/per year when audited.
  • Millions of dollars in fines if a data breech occurs.
  • Lost business when clients find out your sharing administrator passwords between technicians and sites. 
  • Lost Credibility for not following current best practice.

TechIdentityManager addresses all these issues Install Today to get started, Never share a password, and Never type another password.

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Never share a password

Sharing passwords is a problem. It is like the pirate saying “Three people can keep a secret if two are dead.” In order to maintain a secure environment, IT personal should never share a password. TechIdentityManager creates/update/manages usernames and passwords for all IT personal in a company every day to increase security and efficiency.

Never type another password

TechIdentityManager integrates into ANY remote access tool to aid the technician in finding which username/password to use and to allow the technician to enter the username/password with a single mouse click. No more complicated looking up passwords. No typing long complicated passwords is required. No more need to waste all the time. TechIdentityManager is the fastest way to use your remote tools to connect to a clients computer.

Unparalleled development skill and background

To accomplish these goals, Ruffian Software’s developers have been writing software and helping companies be more effective and achieve business goals for the last 20 years, and they have been involved in IT for the last 11 years. The involvement in IT pointed out the need for a better way to manage technician identities for security and regulatory compliance.

Companies who use TechIdentityManager are more secure, more efficient, and more profitable.

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More Effective

  • Never Type another username or password to login
  • Faster lookup of usernames and passwords based on work flow

More Secure

  • Never share passwords again
  • Prevent many social engineering hacks
  • RSA 2048 encryption for all passwords
  • AWS cloud servers

More Profitable

  • Less overhead managing identities
  • Quicker HIPAA compliance
  • Quicker Credit Card Processing compliance

1. Install the Software

        2. Empower Technicians

                3. Protect You and Your Clients