Deployment Examples

Use CaseDeployment DetailsAgent Count
The first example has one domain controller, five local computers wired, and two laptops.
It requires deploying 3 agents to cover access to all the computers. Read more…
3 agents
The second example only uses Entra ID ( previously called Azure AD, and sometimes called O365).
It requires just one agent to be deployed to Azure to grant access to everything that authenticates with Azure AD, Entra ID, or O365. Read more…
1 agent
The third example has one domain controller, three other servers, and four laptop computers that are rarely connected to the network. Read more…5 agents
The fourth client has three domain controllers, one hybrid Azure tenant, and two laptops.

You want unique accounts for each tech to access everything; local admin password rotation, and unique local accounts for some techs. Read more…
5 agents
The fifth client has no domain with four computers in a workgroup.

You want unique accounts for each tech on each computer. Read more…
4 agents
Total:18 agents