TechIDManager 5.0 — Vaults —

The release of TechIDManager 5.0 includes Vault Passwords. These are manager setup and managed, cryptographically secure data storage for credentials (username – passwords – TOTP), that can be shared between techs. 

Why did TechIDManager add a password vault when there are so many others on the market? That’s a good question and one that we struggled with for a long time. When our partners came to us and said, “Can you put the same zero-visibility storage already used with TechIDManager’s PAM into a password vault?” We looked at all the vaults and the specific needs of MSPs and talked to several MSPs and VARs. All of them were looking for a vault that could satisfy their need to share credentials, but also be secure in a time when every other day we see news of a vendor getting hacked or a supply chain issue. As we looked around and did a deep dive into the world of password vaults and credential sharing we saw a hole. So… we are. TechIDManager’s Vault Passwords!

Why is TechIDManager’s Vault Passwords different than any other password vault? Without getting into the highly technical details and minutia of cryptographic algorithms, the TLDR statement is “zero-visibility storage” and a little deeper, there is no “master password”, no “single key” that gives access to all the data you store with TechIDManager’s Vault Passwords. Each tech has their own key, each vault has their own key, and only the techs with their key and the key to the specific vault they are given can access to information in that vault and can decrypt information in that vault. This is next level security. This means that if (heaves forbid) we get totally hacked, none of your secret data is exposed, and there is no-one on our side of the vendor/user relationship that can be a bad actor to see your secret data. 

How do the TechIDManager Vault Passwords work? 

  1. There are vaults that control access.
  2. Each vault has one or more passwords in it.
  3. Each password in a vault has meta information and secret information.
  4. Managers and techs can see password meta information.
  5. Managers can set the visibility of vaults per tech.
  6. Only techs with the right keys can see the secret information.
  7. Managers can never see the secret information.
  8. Managers setup vaults and put passwords in vaults.
  9. Managers determine who can see each vault.
  10. Techs with the key to a vault must share that key with other techs to gain access. (There is a nice workflow built in for this). 
  11. Techs and Managers can both keep passwords up to date.

Until there is more writeup on this, here is a video, everyone always loves videos better anyway.

More information and setup details are coming soon….

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