Central Host 5.025 and Management Console 5.025

Today, version 5.025 of the Central Host and version 5.025 of the Management Console were deployed to AWS to better serve all existing and future TechIDManager clients. No action on clients parts is required to use the newest version. 

This release is a pretty major change with some big new features. If you have any issues, feature requests, or ideas, let support@ruffiansoftware.com know and we will work on them.

  1. Password Vault with cryptographically secured vaults that can be shared between techs, with a cryptographically secure key sharing workflow. See more details https://ruffiansoftware.com/techidmanager-5-0-vaults/  
  2. Start of a big change in logging. Everything has been assigned a Guid and all logging will be JSON  & Guid based.
  3. Various internal changes to storage model.
  4. Various UI changes in the Management Console.

As always user feedback is welcome and if there are any issues, contact us at support@ruffiansoftware.com to resolve them ASAP.