TechIDManager PAMCast


We would like to invite you to join us in attending our monthly PAM CAST!

Your monthly shot in the arm for privileged account management best practices, industry highlights, and updates related to the best automated privileged account management platform for IT Providers: TechIDManager!

New features, benefits, live support, and anything else we feel like talking about.

Come hang out with us!

Next PAM Cast is June 18st

We will be live from MSPGeekCon talking about:

  1. General release of Vault Passwords
  2. …more coming…
  3. Random stuff (Martin gets sidetracked)

Coming soon.

Next PAM Cast is May 21st

We will be live from MSPGeekCon talking about:

  1. Our Giveaway at MSPGeekCon
  2. New features for Vault Passwords
  3. Leaves, even though it’s not fall?
  4. Background infrastructure changes
  5. Random stuff (Martin gets sidetracked)

TECHNICAL Difficulties prevented this from happening. A recorded version is coming soon.

April 16th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Vault Passwords
  2. TOTP for managed accounts
  3. Management Console UI changes
  4. Price changes (for new customers)
  5. MSP GeekCon
  6. Zomentum deal for partners
April’s PAMCast

March 19th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Price change, and who it effects
  2. 4.0 –> 5.0 transition for TechIDManager
  3. Curtian vs. Cryptography
  4. Preview of the TechIDManager Vault
March’s PAMCast

February 20th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Group membership from details screen
  2. TOTP in Mobile Client
  3. Timezone changes for Management Console
  4. AzureAD (EntraID updates)
  5. Microsoft SSO for Management Console
  6. Duplicate Username Improvements
  7. Random stuff (Martin gets sidetracked)
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February’s PAMCast

January 16th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Treeification of credentials
  2. Shared password vault
  3. CMMC
January’s PAMCast

December 19th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Defined PAM Account Options
  2. Year (or more) in Review
  3. Next Year Preview
December’s PAMCast

November 21st PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. multiple instances of an agent on a machine to do multiple things.
  2. New features added in the last month.
November’s PAMCast

October 17th PAM CAST

We discussed:

  1. Martin’s background
  2. PAM- Have it your way!
  3. Managed vs JIT
  4. Product updates

October’s PAMCast