Migrate domain to a new server

Every now and then you will want to, or have to, migrate an AD from from domain controller to another. You can just uninstall DomainService from the old one and install it on the new one and everything will work. You will see two lines in the TechClient. One of the installation on the old … Read more

Azure AD integration

TechIDManager integrates with Azure AD to give MSPs the same ability to create a unique account for every tech on every tenant that they help manage. Each tech gets a account created automatically in Azure AD and that account gets the password rotated every 24 hours. Roles can be assigned to the created accounts based … Read more

Install Instructions for TechClient

Techs should use these instructions to install the TechClient part of TechIDManager. You should use these instructions if your company has setup TechIDManager and you need to get added as a tech to the system. You will need 2 pieces of information from your manager. Client ID Everyone at a company uses the same ClientID … Read more

A tech lost their computer | hard drive crashed | it was run over by a truck…..”Error Decrypting”……now what

So you get a call from a tech, or they walk into your office, and tell you their TechClient says “Error Decrypting”. They say all my passwords are just “Error Decrypting”. What happened and what can be done about it? No matter what the reason, drive crash, new computer, laptop run over by a truck, … Read more

Minimal Install Instructions for TechIdManager

For a 5 day free trial or to start paid use of TechIDManager, these instructions should take about 30 minutes to go from nothing installed to a working TechIdManager deployment with 1 domain setup and 1 tech setup. Additional domains should be added by repeating steps 13-18 and can be scripted by any RMM. Additional … Read more

UserName/DisplayName/AccountDescription feature in DomainService piece of TechIdManger

New for DomainService version 2.0 (and greater) is the ability to set, on a per domain basis, the format of some of the managed technicians account’s information. The user name, the display name, and the account description can all be set from the commandline for DomainService. All of these are set based on the same … Read more