What is TechIDManager?

TechIDManager is a new paradigm in privileged account management specifically for MSPs.

Watch and learn how it can help MSP and IT techs be safer, faster, and more secure.

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TechIDManager manages the identities of MSP technicians across all of the unrelated domains, networks, and Azure tenants of a MSP’s clients. This is accomplished while complying with cyber security frameworks such as HIPAA, PCI, SOC, CMMC, NIST and CIS. TechIDManager offers privileged account management in a manner that provides more security while requiring less effort by automating the tedious manual tasks usually associated with privileged account management.

TechIDManager has 4 pieces.

DomainService and TechIDManager.Azure


Management Console

Asymmetric Encryption

Domain Service + Techidmanager.azure

The DomainService and TechIDManager.Azure are some of the agents that TechIDManager uses to run on the Domain Controller and Azure tenant of each client. They create/disable/manage the accounts for technicians on an ongoing basis, including rotation all passwords on a regular basis.

If you want to know more about how it works, contact sales@techidmanager.com with any questions.

The TechClient runs on each technician’s computer (or mobile device) and shows the identities that a technician uses to log onto each client network.

The TechClient is installed on each technician’s computer to aid with security and efficiency of credential lookup and use. Each technician has a unique encryption key that keeps their information safe so only they can see it. All information, sent or stored, is encrypted on the wire and while at rest.


Management console

The ManagementConsole is the cloud service that facilitates the communication between all the agents and all the TechClients.

The ManagementConsole provides the management interface for enabling/disabling technician accounts across all the networks with a single click and setting up groups and options for how all the identities are managed.

The ManagementConsole runs on TechIDManager’s cloud servers (hosted on AWS), and you don’t need to do anything to make it work. This can also be self-hosted if you want to be in complete control of all data.

With the use of Asymmetric Encryption all credential information that is stored is encrypted with the specific RSA key of the tech who owns each account. The ManagementConsole does not store, or ever have access to, the Private Key of the RSA key pairs that encrypts the credentials. In this way, no one with access to the data stored in the ManagementConsole can see any credentials. The private keys needed to decrypt a set of credentials only exist on the tech’s computer who owns the account. In this way TechIDManager can guarantee that the person who uses the credential is the person who owns the credential.


With these four pieces, any MSP can easily and automatically create and control access to thousands of clients for the technicians that access those clients.

Within a few minutes, a new technician can have accounts on all, or any desired subset, of the clients. Also, within few minutes, all access for a technician can be disabled on all or any desired subset of clients. This eliminates security threats from disgruntled former employees.

How much does TechIDManager cost?

TechIDManager is designed to be cost effective. The cost for the cloud hosted version can be found on the pricing page.

Discounts are available for prepaying yearly. Unlimited email support and hour of phone support are provided each month with your subscription.

What kind of support is available?

24/7 email support is available with a response time of less than 24 hours, Monday through Friday. Phone support is also available, 1 free hour per month, with a return call time of less than 24 hours, Monday through Friday.

White glove install, training, and support are available. Schedule a time by email: sales@ruffiansoftware.com