About TechIDManager

There are many IT companies ignoring (or that are unaware of) the identity regulations in HIPAA, for credit card processing, and in every cyber security framework (CMMC, CIS, NIST, SOC, Cyber Essentials, etc…). This has led to a scary amount of patient and financial data that is at risk.

We, at TechIDManager, have figured out how to manage the identities of technicians across the whole of a client base for an MSP. This helps with better security for data. It also limits MSP exposure fines from an audit or breaches. In the process of making identities more secure, technicians are able to be more effective and profitable. 

We, at TechIDManager, are protecting data and making technician access to remote domains, networks, and computers as safe and easy as possible.

Every technician gets a unique account on every Azure AD (0365) tenant, domain, and local machine with a password that rotates automatically. The technician uses a special tool to see the password only when they need it, and only they can decrypt it.

Each technician has an account that is unique to them with a password that is continually changing. This continually changing password prevents a wide variety of attacks based on password hashing and password spraying. It also prevents bad practices related to sharing accounts, writing passwords down, and reusing credentials between different locations. These are all requirements to comply with any of the cyber security frameworks.

Martin D. White

Founder & CTO, Computer Engineer (Clemson University)
Martin founded TechIDManager in February of 2019 after 20+ years as a software developer/architect. He was also a part of two other startups. While working for 12 years as a developer for an MSP, he became very familiar with the scale of problems they face.

Taylor Haag

VP of Sales
With over 13 years of sales experience in various industries, Taylor is a passionate and driven Leader who has built several successful high-performing sales teams, through effective sales strategies and mentorships. Also while helping the MSPs enhance their security posture and understanding of today’s threat field.

Emily Sturdevant

Engagement Manager
Emily joined TechIDManager in December of 2021. She has over 12 years of experience as a social channel strategist.

Johnathan Schofield

Johnathan joined TechIDManager in October of 2020 to lead the go-to-market effort. His background is in ISV, VAR, and MSP markets.

David Thomas

David joined Ruffian Software in March of 2023 as a software developer. Programming since Windows 3.11, he has decades of professionally experience . He has a background in mathematics and an interest in data and protocol standards.