What is TechIdentityManager?

What does TechIdManager do?

TechIdentityManager is a product that Manages the Identities of MSP Technicians across all of the unrelated domains and networks of the MSP’s clients in a HIPAA, PCI, and Credit Card Processing compliant manner that provides extra security with less effort than any other form of identity management.

TechIdentityManager has 3 pieces.

  1. DomainService
  2. TechClient
  3. CentralHost

The DomainService runs on the Domain Controller of each network. It creates/disables/manages the accounts for technicians on an ongoing basis. How to setup DomainService. If you want to know more about how it works, Contact sales@ruffiansoftware.com with any questions. We are glad to help.

The TechClient runs on each technicians computer (or mobile device) and shows the identities that technician uses to log onto each client domain. This gets installed on each technician’s computer, and each Technician has a unique encryption key that keeps their information safe so that only they can see it. All information sent, or stored, is encrypted on the wire and while at rest. How to install TechClient

The CentralHost is the cloud service that facilities the communication between the DomainService and the TechClient. It also provides the management interface for enabling/disabling technician accounts across all the networks with a single click, and setting parameters for how all the identities are managed. This is run on RuffianSoftware’s cloud servers (hosted on AWS) and you don’t need to do anything to make it work.

With these three pieces any MSP can easily create and control access to 1000’s of domains for an unlimited number technicians. Within an hour, a new technician can have accounts on all or any desired subset of the domains, and within an hour all access for that technician can be disabled on all or any desired subset of the domains. This eliminates the security threat from disgruntled people leaving.

How much does TechIdentityManager cost?

TechIdentityManager is designed to be highly cost effective. The cost for the cloud hosted version can be found on the pricing page. A %25 discount is applied for prepaying yearly. This includes unlimited email support and 1 hour of phone support each month.

Larger quantities are discounted, contact sales@ruffiansoftware.com for more information or a quote.

Hosting the cloud piece on your server is an option also, contact sales@ruffiansoftware.com for more information or a quote.

What kind of support is available? 

24/7 email support is available with a response time of less than 24 hours Monday to Friday.

Phone support is available (1 hours free a month) with return call time in less than 24 hours.

Onsite training and support is available. Email sales@ruffiansoftware.com for a quote and to setup a time.