Why do we not charge by agent, or by tech, or some other metric that gets incrementally more expensive as you use more? Well, it all started during an existential crisis one day involving checking out e-books from the local library and that lead to thoughts of artificial scarcity and inflated “value” based pricing. Anyway…..long story short, this is SaaS software with a pretty fixed cost per partner that we host, and pretty fixed costs on development. We love our partners, so we are pricing TechIDManager based on what it costs us to host it and maintain it. Long story long, one day we will make a video and post explaining it all in great detail, until then, enjoy the simple pricing.

Simple Pricing

We offer a 10% discount for prepaying a 12-month subscription. Self Hosted*, FedRAMP*, EU, Australian, Private Hosting*, and larger volume subscriptions are also available. (* additional cost)

Contact for more information.