DC-PAM-Laptop-LAPS Example

Here is an example TechIDManager deployment for an MSP’s client that has one domain controller, five local computers wired, and two laptops.

You want to have unique domain accounts for each tech to access all the computers, and on the two laptops you want techs to use the local administrator account for possible offline access.

You deploy a PAM agent to the domain controller, and use the domain accounts to access all the computers; both wired and wireless.

You deploy a LAPS agent to each of the two laptops to rotate the local Administrator password and make that accessible to a set of techs in case a tech needs access to one of those laptops and it is offline. (The PAM agents are also available offline if you want unique account directly on the laptops, that is what you want; but that is not this example).

The total agent counts deployed in this example are:
1 PAM agent
2 LAPS agents

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