Activating a new Technician

To add a technician to an existing TechIdentityManager system do the following. 

  1. Have the technician install TechClient on their device using the ClientID that is unique to your MSP/IT company. 
  2. Have a manager from your MSP/IT company uses the ManagementConsole to activate the technician.
    1. Logon to ManagementConsole
    2. Select the “Techs” page
    3. Click “Activate” for the new technician

Within 1 hour of activating the technician, in a default setup, they will have unique accounts on each domain, and all their usernames/passwords will be available in their TechClient on their device. No one else will be able to see their usernames/passwords. 

In a more complicated setup, the combination of TechGroups, DomainGroups, and RightsGroups that the technician is assigned in on the ManagementConsole will control which rights they have on which domains.