Azure AD integration – How to update versions

TechIDManager integrates with Azure AD to give MSPs the same ability to create a unique account for every tech on every tenant that they help manage. Each tech gets a account created automatically in Azure AD and that account gets the password rotated every 24 hours. Roles can be assigned to the created accounts based on the same grouping that works for On-Prem domain controllers. If you have any questions about how this works or would like more information, use the “Request Demo” button to schedule some time for a demo or Q&A session about TechIDManager.

To update TechIDManager.AzureAD you need to have an active TechIDManager subscription and you have previously installed and configured TechIDManager.AzureAD on the target Azure tenant. These instructions assume you have TechIDManager setup and working. If you need help with that, contact

  1. Download the latest TechIDManager.AzureAD release and Update script from
  2. Install (or verify you have installed) the Azure CLI from ( )
  3. Start a PowerShell session
  4. Before running the commands from the Update script
    1. Replace the suffix with the appropriate 8 digit value.
      1. You can find this value by login into the target azure tenant and finding the FunctionApp that has a name like techidmgr03221312fa. The 8 digits in the middle (03221312) are the suffix.
    2. Replace the directory name where you downloaded the file
  5. Run the lines from the script making sure there are no errors.
    1. You have to login to the tenant once in this script.
    2. I usually copy and paste the lines one-by-one into the powershell console and watch the results.
    3. If there are errors contact
  6. That’s all folks. All previously set options are maintained and the same Call URL from before is still valid.

If you need assistance or have any issue contact


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