Benefits of TechIdManager

Remote Access for IT technicians is a sensitive security issue with HIPAA, Credit Cards, and all clients who value their data. Remote access for IT technicians happens so often that it needs to be efficient. TechIdManager accomplishes these goals in several ways.

  1. To be efficient and secure, TechIdManager creates unique privileged accounts for each technician to access clients’ networks. These accounts are created automatically and managed for the technician so no one spends time creating, or updating these accounts. Since each technician has their own account and logs in to do work with only that account, the logs files in all applications are consistent with AD. With your current system, from day 1 when a new technician starts, can you track all their activities across all systems via log files and other native logging? Or are they using the single shared “admin” account for remote networks.
  2. To be secure, TechIdManager configuration puts techs into TechGroups and domains into DomainGroups. Each TechGroup is assigned rights and access to set of DomainGroups. This allows very flexible setup to give strict control over who can do what. If this sound complicated, don’t worry, the default (designed for small to midsize MSPs) is a configuration of AllTechs and AllDomains to satisfy the common case where small MSPs allow all techs to work on all Domains. For larger, or more delineated installations Tech Groups and Domains Groups are very easy to create and manage. Can your current system manage the rights of all the technician across all the domains they support in just a few click in one place?
  3. To be efficient, TechIdManager stores several user configurable names for each domain and when the user is trying to login to a computer it figures out which domain the tech is trying to access then shows a limited set of the possible credentials the user needs. Does your current system help techs login, or are they manually searching through giant lists of shared “admin” passwords?
  4. To be efficient, TechIdManager will type the username and password for the user into any remote connection tool (MSTSC, ScreenConnect, PC AnyWhere, etc…) for the user. This saves time and eliminated mistyped passwords that cause time when connecting to remote systems. How many times does a password need to be mistyped to lock out access?
  5. To be efficient and secure, TechIdManager will deactivate the accounts for a technician when they leave the MSP, or should otherwise not have access. Within 1 hour all the (possibly 1000’s) privileged accounts a technician had can be disabled with only a few clicks on the Management Console for TechIdManager. As required by HIPAA compliance you can remove access for any individual within a short time frame. With your current system, if a tech wrote a password down can you ensure they no longer have access after they leave?