Central Host 2.90 and Management Console 2.90

Today version 2.90 of the Central Host and 2.90 of the Management Console were deployed to AWS to better server all existing and future TechIDManager clients. No action on clients parts is required to use the newest version. 

This release includes two existing customer requested features. If you have any feature requests or ideas, let support@ruffiansoftware.com know and we will work on it.

  1. Features to support hiding UserPassword tab on TechClient
  2. Features to support Forcing MFA on TechClient
    1. MFA can be allowed (Techs can choose to use MFA to access the TechClient as before)
    2. MFA can be suggested (Techs are taken to the MFA setup screen every time the TechClient starts, but they are not forced to set it up)
    3. MFA can be forced (Techs are taken to the MFA setup screen and not allowed to leave until they successfully setup MFA)

As always user feedback is welcome and if there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP.