Central Host 3.94 and Management Console 3.94

Today, version 3.94 of the Central Host and 3.94 of the Management Console were deployed to AWS to better serve all existing and future TechIDManager clients. No action on clients parts is required to use the newest version. 

This release includes one customer requested features. If you have any feature requests or ideas, let support@ruffiansoftware.com know and we will work on it.

  1. Various UI changes. 
  2. Addition of a TechSignupStyle to allow Management or Tech first sign ups
  3. Added deleting of Techs
  4. Fixed bug related to multiple thing in a group being unremovable
  5. Internal logging changes to support additional upcoming user visible logs.

As always user feedback is welcome and if there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP.