DomainService Version 2.08

Changes for this release are substantial, as reflected in the change from 1.X to 2.X. A refactoring of the internal code occurred to facilitate the new features. 

  1. When version 2.x is first run on a Domain Controller, all the accounts created and maintained by TechIdManager will be updated and the passwords will change.
  2. AD-OU multi level feature. Tech accounts can now be put in multi level deep user defined OUs. The OU definition is per DomainSerivce instance, so account can be in different OUs based on MSP’s clients’ desires or MSP’s billing needs. To see more details on the use of this feature read
  3. Addition of setting various aspects of how created accounts look in AD. To see more details on this feature read
    1. Addition of UserName formatting per domain. 
    2. Addition of DisplayName formatting per domain. 
    3. Addition of AccountDescription formatting per domain. 
  4. Addition of more commandline options 
    1. help
    2. show
    3. force
    4. and more….run “DomainService help” to see the help on the command line options. 
  5. Tech accounts that were once disabled and are activated in the Management Console are re-enabled at the first available chance (previously re-enabling an account waited until the next once a day cycle).

Download DomainService_version_2.08_x64_release

Download DomainService_version_2.08_x86_release

DomainService requires .Net version 4.5