DomainService Version 3.19

This release includes a change based on customer feedback. When using the DomainService to make local accounts on a windows computer, some clients don’t want those accounts to show on the login screen. This release let’s you hide the created technician accounts so they don’t show on the login screen, or most places that local accounts are show. 

Changes for this release include. 

    1. Added option to hide/show local accounts from the login screen.
      1. DomainService.exe hideonloginscreen
      2. DomainService.exe showonloginscreen
    2. Fixed issue with failing to rotate passwords on some machines. 


Update instructions are

DomainService requires .Net version 4.7

This release requires TechClient 2.95 or newer. Technically it is only required for a subset of users who have particularly long usernames and/or domain names, but you should consider it required and update the TechClient for all techs to 2.95 or new when you install this (or newer) version of the DomainService. TechClient version 2.95 is fully backward compatible and does not require any updates to the older versions of DomainService.