DomainService Version 5.108

TechIDManager 5.108. First 5.0 Release of the Window’s Agent for TechIDManager. Changes for this release are far and wide. As always complete documentation for the command line options is available

Changes for this release include: 

    1. Setting the Company property on AD Users
    2. Optional setting of the msDSSupportedEncryptionTypes on AD Users
      1. There is a new command line to set this “setmsdssupportedencryptiontypes”
      2. There is a new command line to clear the setting of this “clearmsdssupportedencryptiontypes”
    3. Internal agent verification changes.
    4. Domain Private Key access command lines.
    5. Install script refinements.
      1. Removal of comment (#) before option setting lines
    6. Changes to internal encryption encoding
    7. Uploading all options to Management Console
    8. Improvements to duplicate Tech name handling.

Download this release –>  DomainService_version_5.108x64_release <–

Size: 369286 bytes (360 KiB)
SHA256: 1089abb6ec3b95b955abef043529a808735af842f39f64c49074651cdb2ef143

Example script to install DomainService PAM: InstallScript_5.108x64_Release.ps1

Example script to install DomainService LAPS: InstallLAPSScript_5.108x64_Release.ps1

Example script to update DomainService: UpdateScript_5.108x64server.ps1

Update instructions are

DomainService requires .Net version 4.7

This release requires TechClient 4.030 or newer for JIT to work.