Management Console 2.14 – 2.20

Today version 2.14 of the Management Console was deployed to AWS as beta/preview to better server all existing and future TechIDManager clients. In order to use the new Management Console existing users need to connect to and use the reset password link. The old Management Console will remain available for a while at In about a month the old version of the management console will be going away. 

This release includes a complete new Management Console UIX. There is no new functionality….yet…everything was just converted to a new look with a new backend. New management features are coming. 

(Dec 9, 2021) – version 2.17 Fixes

  • new group creation broken

(Dec 9, 2021) – version 2.18

  • status change on tech broken
  • speed increase on all screens that show list of domains

(Dec 13, 2021) – version 2.20 Fixes

  • group details screen typos


More versions will be deployed to address issues as they are discovered. 

As always user feedback is welcome and if there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP for free.