Software Developer

Hey there,

We are Ruffian Software, a company that employs a team of self-starting, dedicated, strategic, highly talented individuals to support the fast growth of an integral piece of software that is needed in the IT service provider community.


We are looking for a software developer who can be given a big list of vague tasks, take ownership of the tasks, figure them out, and get things done. These tasks might be simple UI changes, or they might require touching multiple systems that interact at scale and range from improvements in backend to improvements in frontend. We are looking for someone willing to get in the existing code, write new code, and get it done. Along with getting it done, it has to be good. Code reviews and testing are serious business here. 


We are dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of learning and solving complex problems.


If you are ever going to say, “That’s not my job,” then Ruffian Software is NOT the place you want to work. 

If you are going to say, “We can figure that out,” then we want you and we will value you.


Skills that you should have walking in the door. 

  • Self motivation
  • C#
  • SQL
  • REST

Skills is would be nice to have, or be willing to learn

  • Razor
  • TCP/IP
  • Networking
  • Mobile development (Xamarin)
  • Mac/Swift

This is a fully remote job with the rest of the team based around Greenville, SC.

There are security and compliance reasons that require we only hire people based in the USA. 


Email your resume and a cover letter to, and if you don’t hear an immediate response from us, then follow up in three (3) days.