Support Options for TechIDManager

There are several options for getting support with TechIDManager. 

Option 1.

 The “How to Articles” on this site are a great source of self help. Use the search and read all you want. If the search doesn’t work, we don’t have an article on the question you have, or you just don’t want to read….no problem, move on to Option 2.

Option 2.

Email This is the preferred way to interact with support. We try to provide a 1 business day response to all questions. If email is not your thing….no problem, move on to Option 3.

Option 3.

Sometimes you just need to share a screen to describe a problem or show us what is going on. We are happy to meet and talk about any support issue you have. Book a meeting with a support person using this Support Booking Link. We realize that some some people are not in the EST time zone, so just send us an email to schedule some time that is more appropriate for you. 

Would you rather contact me via email?

No problem. Access here to contact me via email and let’s get started!