TechClient Version 4.034

This is the first public release of the TechIDManager 4.0! This change in major version number is to reflect the addition of Just-In-Time accounts for PAM and LAPS accounts. Read more about TechIDManager JIT Don’t worry, everything is still backward compatible. 

Changes for this release are:

  1. Just-In-Time account support
  2. Account hiding support for Managed Passwords
  3. Support for Icelandic keyboards
  4. Support for hiding the Mobile Tab for all Techs from the Management Console
  5. Support for more keyboards
    1. Canadian French (legacy)
    2. Canadian Multilingual
  6. Other non-user facing internal changes

Download TechClient Version 4.034×64

Name: TechClient_version_4.034x64windows.msi
Size: 1404928 bytes (1372 KiB)
SHA256: 971c9e0be9d2fc7f9feee593b02bbea0cc2dffbeccf482021b8b5aa3b0c8cee0

As always, user feedback is welcome. If there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP. 

TechClient requires .Net version 4.7.2