TechSignupStyle – TechFirst vs ManagementFirst

When TechIDManager was first released, we used a TechFirst signup process for Techs. We have added a ManagementFirst signup process for Techs. So what is the difference? 

TechFirst – A tech gets added by installing the TechClient and going through the setup wizard the first time the TechClient is run on their computer.  In this process the tech puts in the ClientID and the UserName they want. That tech then shows up in the ManagementConsole with that username and in a pending state. A manager then has to go into the ManagementConsole and approve the tech. This was the minimum number of steps to ensure security and allow key generation without the possibility of a key leak. 

ManagementFirst – A tech gets added by a manager going into the ManagementConsole and creating a new Tech. At this point the manager chooses a username for the tech. The manager then gives the username and ClientID to a tech. The Tech installs the TechClient and goes through the setup wizard using the username and ClientID given to them by the manager. A manager then has to go into the ManagementConsole and approve the tech. This is more steps,  and is a process that allows the managers more control over the usernames that techs signup with. A tech can only sign up with a username already created by a manager. 

In the ManagementConsole under Client Options you can change between the two signup styles. ManagementFirst is the default for all new clients. All existing clients were set to TechFirst to match what they are familiar with.