It’s time to secure ALL the privileged accounts, even the ones your clients use!

Hackers love to get ahold of any privileged account (PA). They don’t care if it’s your technicians account, or your co-managed client’s internal admin account, or your client’s account. As an MSP you are hired to protect your clients from hackers and cyber threats, you install firewalls, you install email filtering, you talk to them, you try to train them, we know you try. The most over looked step in security is privileged account management (PAM). TechIdManager solves the PAM problem, and once you have TechIdManager in place to do PAM of your techs’ accounts, you can expend this into protecting the PA of your clients. Client’s should be using their normal, plain jane, account for everything during the day, email, web browsing, etc….On the rare occasion when they need or want an admin account, they open TechIdManager and get their admin username and temporary password. They can be as sloppy are you know they are going to be with that account’s information (write it on a sticky note, tell their assistant, etc…), because the password is changing within a few hours. Giving them a normal user account and then giving them access to a (limited rights) PA will set you apart as an MSP. To see how TechIdManager can protect your Technician PA and your client’s PA, schedule a demo.