DomainService Version 2.28

Changes for this release are mostly centered around local account management and an update on the .Net framework version. 

  1. .Net 4.7 is now the target version. This is due change in the SSL defaults between 4.5 and 4.7 that could cause a failure to connect over HTTPS on some installs. 
  2. There is no longer an x86 version, going forward only a x64 version will be available.
    1. No one was using the x86 version, so we dropped support for it.
  3. Local Account management for Domain connected machines is enabled via a commandline.
    1. See more on that
  4. The HourToRun (in 24 hour format) is now controlled directly from the commandline on DomainService and not from the ManagementConsole. 
    1. This is part of a larger refactoring to move all domain specific options to the same control framework.
  5. Addition of more commandline options 
    1. local
    2. nonlocal
    3. hourtorun
    4. and more….run “DomainService help” to see the help on the command line options

Download DomainService_version_2.28_x64_release

DomainService requires .Net version 4.7