DomainService Version 3.156

This release includes changes based on customer feedback. 

Changes for this release include: 

    1. LAMS for TechIDManager
      1. This is an MSP scale LAPS like tool. Read all about it overview docs for LAMS 
    2. Instancing of DomainService
    3. Phone number setting on tech accounts only if specified
    4. Email setting on tech accounts only if specified
    5. Internal support changes

Download DomainService_version_3.156x64_release

Example interactive script to install DomainService: ScriptInstall_3.156x64server_Release.ps1

Example script to update DomainService: ScriptUpdate_3.156x64server_Release.ps1

Update instructions are

DomainService requires .Net version 4.7

This release requires TechClient 2.95 or newer