Feb 13th, 2024 ConnectWise Control / ScreenConnect

From the vulnerability reported on February 13, 2024 from ConnectWise that impacted  ScreenConnect, we at TechIDManager would like to share with you where we stand with it.

While TechIDManager helps tech efficiently use credentials by injecting credentials into ConnectWise ScreenConnect; TechIDManager does not use ScreenConnect for anything production related. Everyone who has seen a TechIDManager demo has seen us use ScreenConnect. We use ScreenConnect for demos and our internal testing network. It is not used in anyway in our production environment.

To expand on the remote code execution part of the vulnerability…having code downloaded from the internet executing on any computer can be a problem, especially ones that have high levels of access and permission. RMMs do it, remote connection tools do it, TechIDManager does not do it. TechIDManager made very specific security decisions to not do ANY remote code execution to keep the use of the TechIDManager agent secure. This also means that the agent does not do automatic updates.

See more here in our white paper, “Agents on Client Networks” https://TechIDManager.com/whitepapers/