Install Instructions for TechClient

Techs should use these instructions to install the TechClient part of TechIDManager. You should use these instructions if your company has setup TechIDManager and you need to get added as a tech to the system. You will need two pieces of information from your manager.

  • Client ID everyone at a company uses the same ClientID
  • User Name

We at Ruffian Software Inc. attempt to provide a white glove installation service and process. We are happy to setup a meeting to do all these steps with you, and anyone in your company. If you want help, then book installation assistance.

Step # What to do Expected Result
1 Download the latest TechClient from TechClient_version_X.Y.msi downloaded to your computer
2 Run the TechClient_version_X.Y.msi file to install it TechClient installed on your computer
3 Run “Ruffian Software” -> “TechClient” from the start menu TechClient starts and shows a startup wizard.
4 Follow the setup wizard when TechClient starts for the first time.The  ClientID and Username from above are needed. All the information is filled out
5 Once the setup wizard is finished, go to the settings tab (by clicking the 3 horizontal bars in the top right corner) and “Export Keys…” A text file with the keys to do a recovery if needed.
6 Let your manager know you have installed the TechClient so they can activate your account. Your account gets activated and credentials show up in the Managed tab.

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