Migrate domain to a new server

Every now and then you will want to, or have to, migrate an AD from from domain controller to another. You can just uninstall DomainService from the old one and install it on the new one and everything will work. You will see two lines in the TechClient. One of the installation on the old domain controller and one for the installation on the new domain controller. You can also tell TechIDManager that they are the same domain and avoid that slight bit of confusion. There is an internal identifier called the DomainGuid that is used to identify each domain. It is possible with TechIDManager to set the DomainGuid when migrating an AD to a new server. To do this you need to set the new server to have the same DomainGuid as the old server.

On the old server from an administrative command line run:

DomainService.exe show

Make note of the DomainGuid listed in the output. You can also see the DomainGuid in the ManagementConsole, but only a manager can do that. Any tech can connect to the old server and see the domain guid with the command line above.

Before installing and starting the DomainService on the new server, it should be stopped and uninstalled on the old server.

DomainService.exe stop uninstall

On the new server from an administrative command line, before doing anything, else run this and replace xxxxxx with the DomainGuid from the old server.

DomainService.exe DomainGuid xxxxxxx

Now install the DomainService as usual on the new server. Other settings such as FriendlyName and RMMName should be brought over in the same manner as DomainGuid.

DomainService.exe install
DomainService.exe ClientGuid yyyyyyy
DomainService.exe start

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