TechIDManager.AzureAD version 2.95

This is version 2.95 of the integration between TechIDManager and AzureAD. Install instructions are

This version runs on a consumption plan, has support for pure AzureAD environments and support for hybrid DC/AzureAD environments with AD Connect already setup and running to sync users.

The tenant MUST HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN attached to it. (sorry I didn’t mean to yell).

This version changes:

  1. Better installation script!
  2. Allow choice of subscription when more than one subscription is attached to a tenant.
  3. Load results in PowerShell instead of a browser.
  4. Address changes to “az ad” api.

THIS IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION Deployment PowerShell Script 2.95_e  (NOTE* you probably need to right click and “Save link as”)