• TechClient Version 5.065
    This release addresses only a few specific customer facing issues. Changes for this release are: Idle Timer changes Log changes for idle timer triggering Internal changes for future features Download … Read more
  • DomainService Version 4.111
    TechIDManager 4.111. Changes for this release are  mostly clean up and polish. As always complete documentation for the command line options is available Changes for this release include:  Changes … Read more
  • TechIDManager.AzureAD version 5.040
    TechIDManager 5.039! Don’t worry, everything is still backward compatible. This is the integration between TechIDManager and AzureAD. Install instructions are This version runs on a consumption plan, has support … Read more
  • TechClient.Mobile (Android) Version 4.112
    This is TechClient.Mobile. It supports read-only access to all Managed and User Credentials. Changes for this release include: TOPT showing for User Passwords Decryption to “Chinese” characters fixed UI Clean … Read more