TechClient Version 4.081

TechIDManager 4.0!

If you are updating from a TechClient below version 3.188 you must install TechClient version 3.188 and open TechClient before installing 4.081. 

Changes for this release are:

  1. Treeification of Managed Passwords
    1. Tree location for agents can be set in the Management Console as “leaf” on the Agent Details screen.
  2. TOPT storage added for User Passwords
    1. Auto scanning of on screen QR codes can be found in the change or add passwords screens
  3. Other non-user facing internal changes

Download TechClient Version 4.081×64

Name: TechClient_version_4.081x64windows.msi
Size: 1437696 bytes (1404 KiB)
SHA256: 454786ad7d93271ea9c907c3b4cde47b2ab9609867214378e0e97f32f7ffd887

As always, user feedback is welcome. If there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP. 

TechClient requires .Net version 4.7.2