TechClient Version 4.116

TechIDManager 4.0!

Changes for this release are:

  1. Fixed internal encryption error for updating from versions prior to 3.188
  2. Fixed logging issue with user passwords that were viewed
  3. Other non-user facing internal changes

Download >>> TechClient_version_4.116x64windows.msi <<<

Name: TechClient_version_4.116x64windows.msi
Size: 1687552 bytes (1648 KiB)
SHA256: 72d1e76fa24f06d7aaa78a9c25e2e1e93278afd5dd1381aaedcef2380a082635

As always, user feedback is welcome. If there are any issues, contact us to resolve them ASAP. 

TechClient requires .Net version 4.7.2