TechIDManager.AzureAD version 3.78

This is version 3.78 of the integration between TechIDManager and AzureAD. Install instructions are

This version runs on a consumption plan, has support for pure AzureAD environments and support for hybrid DC/AzureAD environments with AD Connect already setup and running to sync users.

The tenant MUST HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN (sorry I didn’t mean to yell), and that subscription plan must support a function running on a consumption plan. Pay-As-You-Go or something similar.

Version “b” of the install/update script has improvements listed below with “b-” as of Dec 3, 2022. Update specific instructions:

This version changes:

  1. Azure Function Version 4. This is a required update before Dec 3, 2022 by Microsoft.
  2. Remove all rights when an account is disabled.
  3. Added CentralHostAddress setting to allow easier setup for self hosted installations.
  4. Deployment script checks for existing installations in all subscriptions.
  5. Internal changes to support upcoming features.
  6. b- Added logout of all previous Azure tenants before login
  7. b- Added UserName format setting
  8. b- Added ability to choose region to run function

THIS IS NOT THE LATEST VERSION Deployment PowerShell Script 3.78_b  (NOTE* you probably need to right click and “Save link as”)