Why create “TechIDManager”?

We at Ruffian Software believe that the management of the identities (logins, password, and permissions) of IT technicians should not be a burden on the technician or the IT company or the company being serviced. The requirements of HIPAA and Credit Cards processing companies make that onerous and time consuming for small to large IT companies who are MSP (Manage Service Providers) for other companies, each with their own domain.

We have solved that problem. IT companies can now spend zero time and be compliant with any login, password, and rights assignment regulations and policies.

Tech Identity Manager is the software package that eliminates the possibility of $50,000 HIPAA fines for login and password management issues. That $50,000 per incident per year. An average sized IT company with 300 clients is looking at a possible fine up to $15,000,000 (that fifteen million dollars) if they share accounts between techs or passwords between sites.

For more information or to setup a demo email sales@ruffiansoftware.com

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