DomainService Version 4.111

TechIDManager 4.111. Changes for this release are  mostly clean up and polish. As always complete documentation for the command line options is available

Changes for this release include: 

    1. Changes in log file for deactivating users
    2. Changes in command line parsing for OU
    3. Change in duplicate username check to continue in a bad configuration situation for non-duplicate name users.

Download this release –>  DomainService_version_4.111x64_release <–

Size: 365924 bytes (357 KiB)
SHA256: e67750d66ec3658e14e0fff54b2636f70893a303b4569bcd5406c6c9709ea5a0

Example script to install DomainService PAM: InstallScript_4.111x64_Release.ps1

Example script to install DomainService LAPS: InstallLAPSScript_4.111x64_Release.ps1

Example script to update DomainService: UpdateScript_4.111x64server.ps1

Update instructions are

DomainService requires .Net version 4.7

This release requires TechClient 4.030 or newer for JIT to work.