TechIDManager.AzureAD version 4.103

TechIDManager 4.103! Don’t worry, everything is still backward compatible. This is the integration between TechIDManager and AzureAD. Install instructions are

This version runs on a consumption plan, has support for pure AzureAD environments and support for hybrid DC/AzureAD environments with AD Connect already setup and running to sync users. We suggest a non-hybrid setup for Admin Users.

The Azure tenant MUST HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN (sorry I didn’t mean to yell), and that subscription plan must support a function running on a consumption plan, Pay-As-You-Go or something similar. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, we have a suggestion. Login to your client’s tenant before running the installation script and add a Pay-As-You-Go plan, this requires a credit card, so put in your company credit card. It will be charged about $0.25 a month for each tenant. There are cost and budget tools in Azure you can use to limit the costs and who can use the Pay-As-You-Go plan if you want to set those up.

If you are using this script to update an installation, then specific instructions for that are: Basically run the script and it will check for an existing installation and ask if you want to update it, say yes.

This version changes:

  1. Updated install script
    1. to address timing issue with resource creation from Azure CLI
    2. to clean up number of message shown during install
  2. Registration of storage resource provider in Azure with wait for finish
  3. Updated 3rd party libraries

Deployment PowerShell Script 4.103c.ps1  (NOTE* you probably need to right click and “Save link as”)