Benefits of TechIdManager

Remote Access for IT technicians is a sensitive security issue with HIPAA, Credit Cards, and all clients who value their data. Remote access for IT technicians happens so often that it needs to be efficient. TechIdManager accomplishes these goals in several ways. To be efficient and secure, TechIdManager creates unique privileged accounts for each technician … Read more

Explainer Video

A video is a great way to quickly convey information, to help someone understand a new concept, to entertain and educate at the same time. After all a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a thousand pictures. So a video must, by simple math, be worth a million words.  A big … Read more

Deactivating a Technician

To deactivate a technician in a TechIdentityManager system do the following.  Have a manager from your MSP/IT company uses the ManagementConsole to deactivate the technician. Logon to ManagementConsole Select the “Techs” page Click “Deactivate” for the new technician Within 1 hour of deactivating the technician they will have all their accounts on each domain deactivated. … Read more

Activating a new Technician

To add a technician to an existing TechIdentityManager system do the following.  Have the technician install TechClient on their device using the ClientID that is unique to your MSP/IT company.  Have a manager from your MSP/IT company uses the ManagementConsole to activate the technician. Logon to ManagementConsole Select the “Techs” page Click “Activate” for the … Read more

Setup of TechClient for Version 1.X

TechClient is the piece of the TechIdentityManager system that is installed on the computers, and mobile devices, of each technician. TechClient retrieves and shows the passwords to the technician based on the local stored encryption key. Each tech has a unique encryption key so that only they can see their accounts and passwords.   Download Techclient … Read more

Changing DomainService from x86 to x64

To change a the “bitness” of a DomainService client from x86 to x64. This might be required if the wrong version is initial installed or some other situation causes the need to change.  Run “net stop RuffianDomainService” Run “DomainService uninstall” from the old install location.  Move the registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\RuffianSoftware\TechIdentityManager to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\RuffianSoftware\TechIdentityManager Copy the … Read more

Setup of DomainService for TechIdentityManager

This document describes how to setup the DomainService that runs on each domain (or workstation in a workgroup) to create and manage identities for technicians.   Definitions: Target Machine – Domain Controller, or a machine, where identities will be managed Client ID – Guid assigned by RuffianSoftware in the form XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX where X is an … Read more

Why create “Tech Identity Manager”?

We at Ruffian Software believe that the management of the identities (logins, password, and permissions) of IT technicians should not be a burden on the technician or the IT company or the company being serviced. The requirements of HIPAA and Credit Cards processing companies make that onerous and time consuming for small to large IT … Read more