Version 1.4 Beta available

Changes for this release are  Name change for a tech working from TechClient Cached credentials for off line use in TechClient Export/Import working to move encryption keys between Machines for the same tech.   Download Domain Service version 1.4 x86 debug Download Domain Service version 1.4 x64 debug Download Tech Client version 1.4 x86 debug

Version 1.3 Beta Available

Version 1.3 is available and fixes Fixed: RmmName was not getting transferred from DomainService to CentralHost Fixed: Initial setup of TechClient always gave an invalid ClientGuid error Other testing fixes and code cleanup Download Domain Service Version 1.3 x86 debug Download Domain Service Version 1.3 x64 debug Download TechClient Version 1.3 x86 debug

Version 1.1 Beta available

The first version of TechIdentityManager is available to beta test. Contact for a ClientId to get started.  Download DomainService version 1.1 x86 Download Domain Service version 1.1 x64 Download TechClient version 1.2 x86