A tech lost their computer | hard drive crashed | it was run over by a truck…..”Error Decrypting”……now what

So you get a call from a tech, or they walk into your office, and tell you their TechClient says “Error Decrypting”. They say all my passwords are just “Error Decrypting”. What happened and what can be done about it? No matter what the reason, drive crash, new computer, laptop run over by a truck, … Read more

Benefits of TechIdManager

Remote Access for IT technicians is a sensitive security issue with HIPAA, Credit Cards, and all clients who value their data. Remote access for IT technicians happens so often that it needs to be efficient. TechIdManager accomplishes these goals in several ways. To be efficient and secure, TechIdManager creates unique privileged accounts for each technician … Read more

Why NOT single sign on for MSP Technicians accessing HIPAA networks?

In this Facebook/Gmail/Outlook365 oriented world there is a lot of talk about single sign on for accessing various networks. This might seem like a good solution to allow technicians to access the various networks that they service, but there are some pretty significant downsides. Since it is a single username and password for multiple HIPAA … Read more

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